Participating in Earthquake Relif Effort
Cachet Actively Participating in Earthquake Relif Effort As an entity intergrating medicine wholesale, retail, logistics, medicine production and biological development, Cachet shows great concern and is actively participating in relief efforts in the aftermath of May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake, by donating medicines valued at RMB 500,000 that mainly includes famously branded medicines from renown manufaturers like Beijing Tongrentang, Beijing Shuanghe and Zhuhai Lianban.
Cachet has also organized Communist Party members and staff to donate money to the earthquake-hit areas. The first batch of 20,000 yuan RMB together with the medicines have been delivered to Sichuan through China Central Youth League.
Meanwhile, Cather has donated antibiotics and medical facilities valued at 40,000 yuan RMB that have been air shipped to Sichuan on May 16, 2008  by Beijing Kindness and Love Philanthropy Foundation.
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