Fifteen Stores Certified by CNMA
  On April 26, 2008, Haidian Bureau of State Food and Drug Administration organized “swearing ceremony” to advocate medicine and medical facility safety in Conference Center of State Administration Institute. On bahalf of Cachet, Mr. Xu Shuai signed the commitment documentation and delivered a promise for reliable supply of medicines and medicine safety. 25 pharmacists from Cachet took part in the “swearing ceremony”. CNMA and Haidian Buearu issued certificates to the first batch of excellent stores, including Cachet’s Yuquanlu, Haidianzheng, Fuxinglu, Zhijizhongkang and Jimenli stores. Mr. Liuheng from Cachet’s Yuquanlu store was awared with “Five-Star Pharmacist ”by CNMA. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
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